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May 1, 2013
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San Sebastian, PR
Fellow DF'ers,

I'm currently working on a project with a friend. What it is, is kinda hard to explain, since it started with a promise of being some kind of blues-rock outfit, and then it began taking a more post-grunge kind of vibe as the writing progressed.

I've uploaded a crude recording of one of the drafts from one of our rehearsals for reference. It is what it is - if we can avoid the "name-the-genre" game I will be happy... Also, it's the first time we got together and also the first time we rehearsed that tune, so some slack is appreciated.

I'm looking to explain what kind of sound I'm after to the studio engineer, but I have not yet found something that I can say it's 100% there. I'm looking for something natural but with some muscle. Not too much reverb or compression, but strong enough to hold its own on a rock recording.

Your reference could be rock, country, blues, whatever. As long as it sounds good with an overdriven guitar, I'm as open to suggestion as they come.


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