Looking for advice on upgrading my Kick trigger (Yamaha dtx502)


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May 31, 2020
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Okay, so I have a Yamaha dtx 522 kit (502 module) I've been practicing on for about four months now, I like the kit quite a bit, good sounds and the pads are nice and responsive, EXCEPT THE KP65 bass drum trigger. The pad is not very responsive at all, in fact it feels rather like I'm playing against a brick wall, not to mention it is quite loud (the rubber I mean, not the drum sound). Anyway, I am thinking about upgrading to the kp100 and I am just wondering how the pad feels compared to the kp65, because it seems to me like silicone might actualy be a little to responsive for a bass drum pad, which can be not good if you are a hard player. Also, I read in a review that someone said it wasn't that loud, has anyone had any issues with the volume? It does seem like a good choice for an upgrade though, but would like any feedback/advice I can get before going ahead and ordering, thank you all for your help.
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