Ludwig Acrolite Pointed B&O Badge Batter Head


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Jul 15, 2018
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After buying and selling drum gear for years I have decided that I want to start expanding my vintage snare collection. So of course the 1st three on my list for Ludwig is the 70s acrolite, 90s black galaxy acrolite, and the greatest of all time...LM402. I just came across a pointed blue and olive badge acrolite that I'm keeping for myself. It's all orginal right now including the heads and snare wires. I am a Remo guy so the snare side will be an ambassador. But I keep going back and forth for the batter side. Right now on my main kit I have been playing a supralite (14x6.5) with a emperor vintage coated. Which works ok for that drum. I really want the typical 70s rock snare sound if that makes any sense? Also, as far as snare wires....should I stay 20 or maybe go 42? I will add a few pics. When I got this drum there was still a piece of cardboard from Ludwig in with it. I have probably bought and sold 40 or 50 of these over the years and have never seen this.


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CC Cirillo

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Feb 20, 2019
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Northern California
I run a Remo Vintage Ambassador on mine and find that it has a good balance if focus and liveliness.

One time I came back from a break at rehearsal and a bandmate was playing the kit, jamming with the guitar and keyboards, and the snare sounded even better than when in the driver’s seat. Also hearing that drum in the context of live music sold me on the head and I put it on two other snares.