Ludwig to Pearl


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Apr 27, 2021
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Hey boys!

I decided awhile back to swap back to my pearl fiberglass kit. I sold this and then bought it back from a guy who’s son didn’t take to the drums. I’ve always loved pearl fiberglass drums and decided I’ll go with these, partly because my ludwig kit is 12 drums, I generally only use 5-6 pieces, and there isn’t a 16” floor tom with legs. I have several fiberglass/wood fiberglass drumsin Vancouver that I’ll be adding to this kit.

I noticed going from a 24 to a 22 makes articulating bass drumming much easier. The 13” was a concert tom with no air vent, and it definitely needs one. I converted it after I bought it back.

I also included this 22” Zildjian ride I bought for 40$ - the original ownershaved 200-300 grams off the bottom and it crashes, it rides, big bell, it’s awesome.
I also included a pic of an 18” crash That I’m horrified but I cracked awhile back and repaired. I repaired a few cymbals and I find the Closer to the bell the better quality the sound stays after cutting out the crack.


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