Ludwig Top Hat and Cane Restoration Set


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Feb 16, 2011
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Bellevue, WA
marko52 said:
My son & I were in Donn's store one time, several years ago; I glanced into his office & saw a pile of th&c drums in there--looked like 2 sets, at least. I was used to seeing great, old drums at Donn's, but this was a real surprise....marko
I still amazes me. I have had a total of SIX Top hat sets in my life. I still have THREE of them. I have never sought them out or pursued them. They just seem to find me. The latest set I'm restoring is looking so amazing. I can't wait to get it finished. I'm really tempted to keep it but I already have enough. Someone is going to get themselves a pretty amazing piece of vintage drum history.
I still have no idea about the price. What is a complete Swing Sensation set worth in immaculate condition but with a couple expertly filled and capped holes in each drum? There's really not much out there to compare it to. The last set I sold went for $35K with no holes.


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Sep 4, 2008
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W&A Player said:
Those are some special drums, Donn. They'll be in high demand when you offer them for sale. Two things came to mind when viewing the pictures:

2. That band leader should have considered taking on a less offensive stage name. Or maybe that was his stage name for porn movie sound tracks?
Ted Fucmann! Didn't notice that before.
"We call the act........The Aristocrats"! Extra points for knowing the joke that leads to this punchline.

Extra points for the name of the super drummer that plays in "The aristocrats?"