Ludwig Vintage Players Kit-Blue Sparkle Super Classic with Acro


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Mar 24, 2007
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Richmond, Michigan
Ludwig Vintage Players Kit
Blue Sparkle - Super Classic
14X22 Bass Drum (1967)
9X13 Mounted Tom (1967) w/post
16X16 Floor Tom (1970) w/legs
5x14 Acrolite Snare (1967)

All drums have been completely disassembled, cleaned, polished and waxed. All lugs were packed with cotton to eliminate any rattles. There are a few small dings in the Blue Sparkle Wrap, which is consistent with drums 50 yrs old, and there is some pitting on the hardware. However, the photos show just how great they still look. The 3 ply shells are all in round, and have a very warm tone.

Bass Drum: As was commonly done, a previous owner installed a center post tom mount, leaving 3 extra holes from the original rail mount. I have plugged these holes with shiney chrome bolts. Wrap is tight and shiney. Original bearing edges are clean. Gull wing legs and front hoop anchor holds the drum firmly in place while playing. New Aquarian Super Kick II on the batter side with a Tackle leather beater patch installed. New Remo Ambassador on the resonant side with fresh Ludwig decals and a Kickport. Center post dual tom mount included.

Both Tom's have new Remo coated Ambassador batter heads, and New Remo Diplomat resonant heads. White felt baseball bat muffler on the 13, and round muffler on the 16. Wrap on both tom's is tight and shiney and original bearing edges are clean.

The Acrolite Snare has a new Remo coated Ambassador head and a new Remo snare head. White felt baseball bat muffler and the Gretsch 42 strand snare wires sound great on this drum.

When I say "New" heads, they were recently installed but have been played lightly and stick marks are present. They are like new.

Cases and Ludwig era correct hardware are available at additional cost.

Serious inquiries & questions welcome.

$1,200 OBO. PayPal or Cash
Will ship CONUS only at actual cost


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