Meetup and hang in sunny AZ


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Oct 17, 2013
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Healdsburg, Corte Madera CA
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting DFO brother musicman64 down here in the outskirts of Tucson AZ. Only the second time I've met a fellow Forumite in person ...... and all because of a Craigslist ad! So, in addition to a couple of hours trading pix and war stories, I came away with a sweet deal on a Barton Essential Birch kit - thanks, Charles!

I find myself down here in Tucson on an extended holiday visit - looking like two months at this point. I used to keep a kit down here, but now only had my trusty Oriollo snare and a nice Agop Sig to work out on ..... missing the rest of the kit bigtime! Still have to find a few hardware bits; ironically, stuff I have plenty of back home in NorCal, what was I thinking? Short answer: I wasn't ....... !

I was really impressed with my fellow Forum member's deep knowledge of drums and cymbals, as well as his great taste in equipment and fair pricing of all the stuff he has sold. I highly recommend doing business with this guy!