Meinl Byzance 20" thin ride cymbal (1996 grams)


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Sep 27, 2012
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Seattle, WA
NOTE: Out of town through Monday, earliest I could ship is Tuesday, 03/22.

Really nice Meinl Byzance 20" thin ride cymbal. It's in excellent condition with no cracks, dents, or keyholing, just some stick marks.

This is a really great all around ride cymbal. Medium pitch, pleasant wash, cutting bell, and nice full crash sound.

My semi-accurate bathroom scale says 4.4 lbs (so approximately 1996 grams). Being on the lighter side it functions more like a crash ride.

I made a quick audio recording with my phone. It's low quality but gives a general idea of what the cymbal sounds like. Keep in mind, because of the low quality recording it definitely sounds better in person.

$230 shipped

PayPal gift accepted, but not required.
I pride myself in packing items well, just how I would expect someone else to if it were coming my way.