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Dan Felix

Oct 14, 2016
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Ok I'm a few years late to this.... I brought my first Yamaha RC kit in early 1994 and the rep happened to be in the shop in Aus. Adams was touring and I got a comp ticket - sitting behind the drummers shoulder. He was playing a double kick set up with three rack toms and two on the floor.

I knew Adams' music but wasn't a fan as such - I thought he was ok. Being about 18 at the time, I was blown away by Mickey Curry and the Adams show generally. I bought a whole load of Adams albums and studied Mickey's grooves. The guy is - to me - on par with Ferrron, Porcaro and JR for groove. Deep pocket, laying just behind the beat. He can really bring it when needed. Probably why he was on everyones albums in the 80s/90s in the session recording hey day.

Check out Live, Live, Live by Adams (1988) and Into the Fire (1987) and The Cult Sonic Temple (but especially the songs Sweet Soul Sister and Wild Herated Son). I thought it was Matt Sorum in Wild Hearted Son but no it is Mickey Curry.

A killer drummer and very highly respected by those in the know in the industry! Still inspires me to this day.


Johnny D

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Jun 3, 2013
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Scituate, Mass. USA
One of the nicest and most down to earth guys you'll ever meet. As someone commented, he lives in CT and still tours with Bryan Adams. He has the same light touch that Jeff Porcaro had and sits really far back from his kit which works for him in terms of his backbeat. He has a really clean and even stroke. Much like his contemporaries and friends Andy Newmark and Rick & Jerry Marotta.

He was one of the busiest NYC session players in the 80s, as well as playing with Hall & Oates during their heyday. He told me he missed the Bryan Adams sessions for "Summer of '69" and "One Night Love Affair" due to his commitment to Hall & Oates and he was bummed. Mickey came up with the drum parts for the song's demos and Pat Steward basically played Mickey's parts when they recorded the songs. But all credit to Pat for laying it down nicely and making those parts his own. Most people assume it's Mickey on those songs (I did) because it sounds just like him.

And anyone who knows Mickey will agree he's one the funniest guys you'll ever meet! I absolutely love him.

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