MIDI USB connection with Alesis Turbo Mesh electronic kit


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Dec 30, 2020
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Rome, Italy
I want to be able to use my kit as a MIDI trigger for drum plugins, so I can change all the sets I want depending on the music.
I connected my Turbo Mesh to my PC using the proper cable. Windows recognized the kit without problems and installed drivers, but when I started REAPER and tried to use my kit to trigger my drums plugin (PowerDrumKit) I've got no sound. The plugin works ok, because if I use my mouse to make sounds it works, but it doesn't "talk" properly with the drum kit. I also selected "MIDI" on the input and selected "all channels", armed the track... but I get no sound. Am I missing something?

EDIT: I've discovered that REAPER was constantly disabling my drum kit (options>preferences>midi devices), probably because of the wrong drivers, I don't know. I uninstalled/installed them and now everything works.
The only problem I have is that the hi hat doesn't work properly. The "closed hi hat" sound is literaly on the press of the left pedal. If you keep the pedal down and hit the hi hat, it still sounds open. I'm sure it's a pretty common problem with some electronic kits.
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Oct 6, 2005
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i feel you...i'm trying to use an alesis sample pad pro to trigger abelton...and then play it over Jamulus....but their is a lag between hitting the pads and hearing the sound.
Might be the ASIO buffer....but when I open Jamulus to play with ASIO buffer...Jamulus blocks all other sounds....
I like technology and e-drums but...this is almost too frustrating for me.....