Mike Smith with Paul Revere and the Raiders- Great!


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Mar 23, 2011
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For my fellow 1960s drummer fans:

Even tho Mike Smith didnt get to play on the Raiders big hits (that was Hal Blaine), in the early days when The Raiders were the ultimate rock and roll party band, Mike laid down the grooves with power and great excitement.

For the first Raiders album called "Here They Come", the original idea was going to be a truly live in the studio album of Rock and Roll party classics. To this end, the Raiders went into Columbia Recording Studios and laid down a bunch of fantastic Rock and Roll classics in their own wild style. Sadly, only 4 of these tracks were used on the album, the rest were polished studio tracks. But thanks to the release of the 'Mojo Workout " Cd, we can hear the ENTIRE session in all its greatness.

Mike Smith ROCKS on these tracks. Here's one of the best...."Do You Love Me". Notice the fantastic sound of Mikes toms, ESPECIALLY the small mounted tom. It is tuned just right to cut through the band and is a perfect graduation to the floor tom. Enjoy this in all its 1960s rock and roll glory. I LOVE this kind of playing.

Do You Love Me (Live) - YouTube