MINT, 2021 Red Rocks Drums 14x4.5 Jarrah wood stave/block snare, extra Canopus wires


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Oct 2, 2019
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I ordered tons of new snares over last year, can't keep all now, most new condition/MINT/perfect - never left non-smoking home, kept in fleece snare bag all its life. Don't want to sell this one particularly, but need to.

Customized, handmade in Aussie land beautiful Australian Red Rock Drums 14x4.5 Jarrah wood stave/block snare. Very well-built, robust hardware and wood.

If you've heard Spin Dr's "Two Princes" from the 90's, this is the exact size and kind of wood used on their 14x4.5 snare. RED ROCK drums are high-end, handmade, Australian woods, stave shells with the re-rings cut into the stave wood, not glued in later.

Red Rock drums come with a lifetime warranty which transfers to all owners, that tells you how strong and confident they are re: their build quality.

- 8-lug die-cast hoops
- Multi-stage Trick throw-off
- high-end Canopus 16-strand snare wires
- PureSound 20-strand snare wires
- original unplayed new Evans head

Loud and proud sound. Best 4.5x14" wood snare you'll ever own.

Received brand new in 2021, This snare is pristine like-new condition - and you're not having to pay the international shipping, customs and Texas tax I had to pay, whoa

$1150 shipped to lower 48


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