MINT, Sabian 16" AAX Freq Crash Cymbal brilliant finish, 2019


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Oct 2, 2019
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Mint - No finger prints - never left my house, made 2019...

Dual Lathing Creates a Controlled-yet-cutting Crash
Its dual surfaces — a traditionally lathed outer and a specially lathed Freq inner — yield a smooth, cutting crash with a pure sound that sits effortlessly in a mix. A raw bell delivers a dry, cutting tone for expanded versatility. Sabian’s centuries-old B20 cymbal bronze imparts darkness and musical complexity in the Freq Crash. Its medium-thin weight exhibits stage-friendly pitch and output while keeping with the AAX series’ signature darkness.
Sabian 16" AAX Freq Crash Cymbal Features:
  • Based on a Sabian Cymbal Vote winner
  • Dual lathing creates a controlled, cutting crash
  • Raw bell delivers a dry, cutting tone
  • Musical and durable B20 bronze
  • Hand-formed
  • Style: modern
  • Sound: bright
  • Weight: medium-thin
Basically new - $190 shipped to lower 48 only