MISC DRUM BADGES: ludwig, pearl gretsch, taye - updated


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Nov 6, 2005
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close to l.a. in so cal
hey, i have some misc drum badges. pardon my pics, it hard not to get reflections.

these are all the real deal, no ebay fakes here. they are all in the condition as i got them.

sure, they have some wear but they're still in generally better condition than some ebayers and priced much lower for my fellow forumites.

i can either send in a bubble mailer covered in cardboard or pop'em in a stamped envelope in the u.s.a. or local so-cal pick up of course.

PM me or hit me directly. thanks.


- 2 unused pearl snare badges. these were part of a display i got from taye by presumably the maker of drum badges for the drum industry. comes with some mini mounting screws. $20. ea

- gretsch case badge. i believe its from the 70's, don't recall. $10.

- all the taye badges are unused. $5. ea.

- ludwig brass oval limited edition 1 of 45 drum badge. this is from a limited edition fab four kit for the 90th anniversary.
out of 45 made total this is from the first set (see sample pic i found online) over the years people have offered $80. - $100. but never followed thru. i'm not really sure how what to price it at so let's shoot for $80. and see what happens.


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D. B. Cooper

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Oct 18, 2009
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Now I know how PETA people feel when they see rhino horns for sale...

Haha. Just kidding. Good luck with your sale!