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Nov 6, 2005
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close to l.a. in so cal
hey, still cleaning out unwanted items and i have some misc drum wrap for sale.

all are from 3 of my old jobs with some unique finishes you can't find online. measurements incl the overlap.

pardon my old pics as my camera can't really show the color well but you know what they are. i hope to take new pics soon. refer to some stock pics for reference.

due to the way they were originally stored some might have some frays from trimming or lite marks on the protective covering or the material w/o the covering.

local so-cal pick up or can ship in the u.s.a.

pm me or hit me directly. thanks.


FAUX TOOLED BROWN LEATHER: this is material that's only sold in a big roll. the color is not faded, its just my camera. one or both was used but there shouldn't be any glue on back with little to no work needed to clean them.

- 1 pc for 6x12" or smaller. if you want to wrap a 13" you will have to do a butt seam which is common with the indies. $20.

- 1 pc for 11 1/2 x 15" or smaller. $20.

SKULL DRUM WRAP: this is not avail anywhere and impossible to find. it does not have the protective covering and the lite marks can be buffed out. the white you see is a reflection.

- 1 sheet at 11 1/2 x 45. basically 14" head size with an overlap. you can get 2 snares out of it depending on your needs. $30.


- 3 pcs for 8" toms. 2 are 7" deep and 1 is 8" deep. $10. ea

- 1 pc for bass drum hoop or snare inlay. 3 1/4 x 54. $10.


- 3 for 8" toms. $10. ea.

- 3 for 6x14 snares. $20. ea

ELECTRIC BLUE: this has been long discontinued and very hard to find.

- used pc for 6 1/2x14. slight curving and should glue up fine. $20.

- unused 1/2 inlay ( 2 pcs) $20. for both.

BLUE CRUSH (blue sparkle) this material is exclusive to taye drums. its a deeper color than standard blue spkl with a black backing. my camera can't pick up the true color.

there's enough for a small bop kit depending on your sizes, plus some extras. i can i can piece it out or do a bulk deal.

- 6 pieces for 6" or 8" toms that vary from 7" to 9" in depth. $10. ea.

- 1 pc for 6 1/2 x 10" $15.

- 1 pc for a 6 x13" or smaller $25.

- 1 pc for 15 x 15" $40.

- 1 pc for a 9x16 or smaller. $30.

- 1 pc for 16 x 16" $40.