Muscle memory


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Aug 5, 2005
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Lewisville, TX
Last night my big band played its first gig since March 11, 2020, an outdoor concert where we shared the stage, literally, with a high school jazz program. They had four different bands perform, a middle school band, two high school bands, and an all female jazz big band(!).

I got to play my 'big drum' setup, 12/13/15/16/22, for the first time since that show last year. We had a rehearsal last week, but I used the kit at the rehearsal space. I have a set with a similar configuration but different sizes and positioning at home. I've been playing that 'big' setup for about 15 years, but before the gig I thought about how long it would take to settle in. In the event, it wasn't an issue at all. I didn't even spend any time warming up on them, just checked the tuning and let the high school drummers have at it. The situation didn't even strike me until I was on the way home and thinking how comfortable everything was. I guess my old body remembers better than I expected.

And it probably didn't hurt that the rhythm section played like we've never been apart.