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Oct 3, 2016
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South Jersey, USA
Trying to get up the nerve to "man up" and put some of my playing up for you guys. One of my favorite things to do is take a drumless tune, in this case "Little Wheel" by Buffy St. Marie (apologies to BennyK lol), and put a drum part over it. I think of it as having a conversation with the artist-reacting to the words and the vibe of the tune. I intentionally bathed this in reverb ala "The Boxer" to get a 60s kind of feel. Recording was done using a Zoom H6 and playing around in Audacity. No, I am not a recording engineer. (Yea, that was a joke).

Curious what your thoughts are...and if you think this even gets "close" to being a viable drum part....

Little Buffy St. Marie released 1966:

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