Need help with Roland TD1-DMK

John Qster

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Nov 22, 2019
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I'm new to drumming, just started taking lessons in the last 2 months.

I need a set of drums to practice so I did some research on the web and decided to go with the TD1-DMK because from what I found, Roland is a reliable brand in the drumming world and the TD1-DMK has received great reviews, and the demo videos I saw/heard from were very impressive.

So I brought this new drum kit, set it up and hook it to my existing Yamaha MG10XU mixer which is connected to a pair of Behringer Eurolive B210D speakers (200Watts active speakers).

When I started playing, I felt extremely disappointed, it didn't sound at all like all the YouTube videos of the reviews for this kit. In those review/demo videos, this TD1-DMK drum kit sound awesome, almost as true as listening to acoustic drums, but mine sounded very artificial (drum 1 mode selected), especially the bass drum, very soft and dead thump sound no matter how hard I hit it.

I thought maybe it's the mixer, so I put on a headset (high quality Bose headset), but still heard exactly the same in the headset, very dull and fake (at max volume), especially the bass drum. It sounded worse that the cheaper, older/lower model Roland edrum kit being used at the music store that I'm taking lessons from.

Note that the bass kick pedal I'm using is not a cheap one, I borrowed it from a musician friend just to try it out, it's a $500 pedal so it should be really good.

I checked the manual, there's no mentioning of any way to "tune" it to make it sound better.

Please help as I feel really horrible thinking I just threw $1000 down the drain, I now regret so much that I didn't go with the Yamaha DTX452 kit as originally planned which is much cheaper and supposedly sounds great.


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Nov 14, 2016
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Sorry you feel disappointed.

Few things.
1. doesn't matter what kick pedal you use - they won't affect the sound (you're just hitting a $1 piezo in a pad)
2. Roland is known for sounding "artificial" as the sounds are basically computer models. Yamaha - as you mentioned them - uses samples from their own acoustic drums.
3. You need to change the sounds and see what's in it you like. I'm sure they'll be something in there.
4. Electronic drums are not acoustic drums. They have some of the basic playing techniques but that's it. A Fender Strat doesn't sound like an acoustic dreadnaught, but the Strat opens up new sounds and new ways of playing. Ekits are the same.
5. Beware the YouTube marketing video!