Need Some Advice-Starting to Teach


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Dec 6, 2013
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I have studied with the late great Henry Adler and was the producer of his video "Hand Development"
I would now like to take on a few students.
I am retired as a financial analyst.

I have a room in my basement that is 12X12. All that I currently have is my drum set with many cymbals on stands... i have a 6 piece set
Also, I am LH.

When I studied with Henry we both sat with only a practice pad in front of us and a wooden stand as a cymbal. You can imagine how Spartan it was.
Now here is where i need some suggestions.

I can pick up a cheap RH set and get rid of most of my cymbals and toms so I have a basic 4 piece.
I can set up both sets side by side.

Henry focused on technique...fulcrum..correct wrist turns etc.
I am not sure if a student would be willing to learn how to "walk again" or do I just ask what the student is looking for
and move forward.... i spent many months going through the rudiments on the pad with the floor being my bass.

Just not sure how to start this process.

Thanks for any assistance

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