Neil Peart - Mini - Doc on his roots


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Aug 14, 2009
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Niagara Falls , Canada
Like so many others I was very saddened by Neils passing . First time I saw him was 51 years ago , I was 14 yrs old and and still remember having my ass blowin away !! He made such an impression on me , when I bought my first pro kit it had to be the same brand as Neil - Rogers . Here is my story about that time , the lead player in the band that Neil was playing in was a friend of mine and said that I should come to see the " new drummer " they had and if I could get there I could catch a ride back with the band , as long as I helped load the vans at the end of the night . The band was playing in St Catharines and I live in Niagara Falls so a buddy of mine and me hitch hiked to St Catharines , ( about a 15 - 20 minute drive ) to see the " new drummer " , it was a high school dance at St Catharines Collegiate , in about January - February 1969 . It was snowy and freezing and I remember being so cold and then my guitar friend who was going to get us in for free was no where to be found so we paid the $1.00 addmission . I was pissed ! Took an hour to get there , I'm frozen and I had to pay to get in ! The night sucks already . Band starts to play - I'm mesmerized , I'm blowin away completely by Peart . I have been a fan ever since . We helped load and unload all the equipment and set it back up in their practice space where I got to watch Peart play up close . His foot was so fast on that Swivo matic pedal , I was in AWE !! He was in a league of his own back then . This will sound like bull sh!t , but back then I said he was the best musician around here period , most talented hands down . That guitar player called me an " idiot " for thinking that , I've NEVER , EVER let him forget that !!

I started this thread to call attention to a mini doc that was made years ago , 2011 I think ? Its a doc about Niagaras Rock Music history 1964 - 1974 . Basically Niagara Falls and St Catharines music scene . Its in 4 , 15 minute segments and Neil hits around the 3rd segment . They are talking to players who played with Neil back in high school and what the music scene was like . There are band photos with Neil and his Rogers with an 18 " bass , his double bass Premier kit in stainless , he was a HUGE Keith Moon FAN . Neil wore a triangular piece of a Keith moon cymbal around his neck on a leather rope for years . Is that Peart ? Yep got the cymbal piece around his neck ! Look in the photo , there is a necklace ? of some sort around his neck and inside that necklace is Keith Moons cymbal piece .

Documentary - Paul Miils - The Big story of Small Potatoes - Niagaras Rock Music History . Now if I knew how to post a link to the You tube vid I would , but I don't - SORRY !!


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Sep 15, 2010
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This one is really good too. Has lot's of recordings of Neil playing with several local bands.


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