Neil Peart's Favorite Books of All Time


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Dec 13, 2007
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Ontario Canada started a Neil P. literary thread and an Ayn Rand thread broke out...she certainly influenced me when I read her in my teens...

In my old age I agree more with Joni Mitchell; that the most important thing you can get from or give to others is kindness.

I think I've actually finished 19 of the books on the list. (I grew up in a town just down the shore of Lake Ontario a bit from St. Catharines where Neil was).
Some so long ago I barely remember them. Others on his list I started but never finished (like Ulysses).
I read about 200 books a year. Nowadays mostly on iPad. Just what I've always done.

David Mitchell is one of my favourite authors. Kim Stanley Robinson isn't on Neil's list but would be on mine.