New Branch on the Fibes family tree


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Oct 6, 2005
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Needham MA...
Over the weekend I had to hit a GC in a town not near me.
I saw a used drum w/Fibes lugs and thought...I'm not even going to look because I won't be able to afford it....but I did.

It had 10 lugs, COW and a $50 price tag (I bought it but it still needs to sit w/them to make sure its not stolen). It had a badge that said Lintone and generic throw, butt and wires.

A gent on the Fibes FB found a NAMM interview with a gent named Linton whose dad started a Bassoon factory (in Elkhart IN) and would latter branch into student instruments.

I've got emails out to Don Corder and John Aldridge (?) to see if they know years of production and shell maker. The edges didn't look great but the shell wasn't Luan.

PICS I took while at GC...soon.

10 Lugs on a student just doesn't sound low budget by design...or to my ear.
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