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Apr 21, 2020
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Hey All,

I started (or rather re-started after a decade) a YouTube channel. Inspired by our current situation, it is called, for now, “Quarantine Music” (I’ll need something better when this is all over!). Lots of short clips with lessons, how to’s, instrument demos, photo essays and visual tours, drums, percussion, performances, electronics, music collectibles, app demos, and even a little philosophical musing... There is also a link on the front page to an earlier channel with some decent lessons/tip-of-the-day stuff my band did years ago.

You can either go to YT and search “Gregg Juke,” or use this link:

Out of this project has come a new music/humor series focused on “Outsider Music,” which has always had a soft-spot available for it in my heart. It is called “Shadowman’s Lair,” and Episode 1 can be found right here:

If you enjoy any of this stuff, I’d love to hear from you, here, but especially in the comments section of the videos themselves. I’m just getting started and your participation would be very helpful at this stage.
So thanks ahead of time!