New INDe BR3 No-Drill Tom/Accessory Brackets NOW IN STOCK!


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Oct 29, 2010
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That's what I figured, but since I am using this on an acrylic drum, drilling wasn't an option so this currently is my best hope. Anxious to try it.

Have you thought about thinning the metal at the spring portion to give more flex? I got a million ideas and only 999,999 are completely unrealistic! The rest are just silly...
That should work well! I did prototype a few different thicknesses of metal (great minds think alike!) and sent a couple of samples out to some guys try them, everyone agreed that this one was the perfect flex for MOST applications.


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Feb 14, 2011
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While I like the idea of buying 2 mounts :), I am not sure that would be the best option. Did you try adjusting the BR2XL to a stiffer setting? One of the reasons these brackets work so well, is they flex in all directions- they flex along the "U", but they also twist in a number of directions. If you used 2 mounts, that would restrict the movement of the drum to only one axis. I think it would have a negative effect on the sound.
Yes, I tried the XL in several settings. I’m more interested in getting a good sound than reducing movement, although considering the amount of movement with heavy drums, it looks silly having a tom bounce around like Neil Peart’s dw kit. I think most people who watched it happening would agree. I have to admit it gets wilder when I hit harder, but I’m not totally wailing on the toms either.
It’s entirely possible the mounts weren’t designed for heavier drums and harder playing. My playing is not at all limited to power hitting, but when I go there I’d still like to have a drum remain reasonably still.
I don’t know quite how this can be addressed. I envision a kind of unobtrusive rubber gasket that could attach from the bottom or side of a tom to a bass drum hoop or a nearby stand. Then again, it would go back to a design that restricts movement instead of using movement advantageously.
If you can design anything to these requirements, I’d be the first in line to try it.