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May 13, 2022
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New Jersey
Congrats on the new house ! You’ll be into sound proofing in no time .
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May 20, 2020
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Dec 12, 2022
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Iowa City
Welcome to the forum.
You can see my avatar is from my tama star walnut set.
I've had many sets from many different manufacturers and I'm getting old and decided to finally get my dream set, that's a custom shell size special order tama star walnut 8 Piece set of shells and matching 14x6.5 snare from Japan.
I've got over a dozen Paiste 2002s, most are over 35 years old. I've been playing since the 70s so you can tell I'm getting old.
Unfortunately I was in a bad motorcycle accident and broke my left arm just under the ball joint at the shoulder and that's been 15 months ago and still hurts, broke my back 16 years ago and couldn't walk for a while but eventually got back to drumming. Now I have numbness in my right foot toes and that's really a bad thing for my bass drum foot. But I'm not going to have surgery on my spine because I don't have much luck with surgery in the past on the nerve to my left leg.
But, I still try to play, since I've been drumming for so long I really need to do it. Plus I think it's good for your brain.
I did get a Les Paul classic and a Telecaster to learn guitar just in case I can't play my drums anymore. But I worked too hard and my body is broken and my biggest worry is that I can't play music anymore.
There's a lot of good people on here who have a lot experience like me and better than me, but we'll all try to help out if you want advice or have questions.
Again, welcome to the forum.
Sorry to hear about your accident. This is why I quit riding. Too many people driving around paying attention to their phone instead of their driving. I am actually a wrecker driver by trade, and I get to see all the aftermath of what people do to their vehicles and each other. Godspeed yo you on your recovery!