New Noble & Cooley Horizon Kit Arrived today!


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Aug 11, 2005
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Thanks for all of the nice comments!

OK...after spending some time with these, I have the following bullet point presentation:
  • The build quality is excellent. I looked at the edges carefully on 3 drums, and since those seemed flawless, I didn't bother with the rest. Good enough for me. The edges seem to be somewhat sharp, with a slight cut to the outside, and maybe a 45° inside angle. They are not baseball-bat, round edges. That works for me.
  • The lacquer finish is beautiful. You really need light on it for it to show what it can do; it has "flip-flop" holographic flakes that look really cool when natural light hits it. It reminds me a little of Ludwig's Indigo Blue wrap they did years ago; only this isn't a wrap. The photos really don't do it justice.
  • I still don't like that the lugs are plugged at one end, but I can live with it. I really like how the lugs look, and they are cast, as well as being placed off the drum shell. Again, great idea and looks cool as well.
  • The Delrin-equipped lug inserts are an effective feature, and I've found that they work as advertised. I've played several hours on new heads, and any detuning I've had wasn't detuning at all, just the heads seating. Once the heads were broken in, the drums have remained right where I set them.
  • The isolation mounts work as advertised; I thought the way they slipped into the bracket would lead to play and maybe rattling, but that hasn't been the case. They seem to have stayed put there.
  • The sound: in a word, resonant and vintage. In fact, most of the vintage drums I've owned have been far less resonant, due to most having either re-rings or die-cast hoops. But these sing for days. That happens to be something I like in a drum; some do not.
  • The tone: that added ply of mahogany was really a good idea. It give just a bit of warmth and vintage tone, without sacrificing tuning range. These drums truly sound unique - which was exactly what I was going for.
I should add that the service I received from Barry at Sound Pure and Rob at Noble & Cooley was outstanding. I'm not just pandering here; they were great every step of the way.
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