New Speed King?'s


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Aug 5, 2005
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North of Austin, Texas
I had two Speed Kings one that I bought new in 1992 and an older one I bought used. I sold both when I got the Atlas Classic pedal and then later the Atlas (whatever the one with the plate is called) both were designed by Josh (Inde) when he was at Ludwig. When I said before how much these felt like a Speed King he mentioned that was his goal. Obviously a chain drive is going to be different somewhat than the direct drive like the Speed King but the Atlas was the first pedal I have played that made me sell my Speed Kings. I'd like to check out both the Speed Flyer and Speed King. I think the Speed Flyer from what I have read takes the Atlas design and fixes a few things. It's all said to have a smaller foot print to work better on smaller bass drums.

Once I'm back to gigging more I'll probably buy the Speed Flyer and if I like it sell one or both of the Atlas pedals and then buy a new Speed King as well.