Non-drummer drummers appreciation

Matched Gripper

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May 28, 2019
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I enjoy getting inspiration from all drumming styles and sources and recently I've been very interested in listening to non-drummers who play the drums and actually do a good job at it. Definitely NOT a source for technical chops or coordination but to me an interesting source for phrasing, musicality and composition by people who are not considered usually to be drummers. I like listening to the little quirks and strange note placements of these kinds of players. Either by accident or design, they end up with interesting drumming.

I'll list a few and hopefully some interesting names and examples can pop up:
Stevie Wonder: pretty much the gold standard for this
Paul McCartney
Jack Stratton / Theo Katzman
Jonny Greenwood
Trent Reznor
Harry James
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Will Ferrell

Pat A Flafla

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Nov 28, 2020
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Justin Hawkins sounds pretty good in this cover:

Known primarily as an extreme metal guitarist, Dan Swano's drumming in his Karaboudjan project is pretty good, but maybe he started out on drums:

Interestingly, Dan started out in a band called Ghost and then got way more metal, and another dude named Tobias started out as metal as can be but his band, also named Ghost, gradually wound up sounding kind of like this kiddie pop band. Cosmic balance?