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Jan 28, 2021
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Thanks to you all input on my questions on drums , I finally purchased a set PDP 5 piece never played 1 year old Tags on ,Ivery twist set of new heads Paiste cymbals stands Hi Hat cow bell extra clamps for adding cymbals / New Heads still in boxes / silencer pads / some drum heads that look like screen doors / Put the new heads on but have not set up yet . Looking for a Bar kit . I Play a 66 Sonor Rose Wood Tear Drop . Did noot want to scar it up . Just started pulling out old hard ware polishing etc . I use a Tama Rack 6 Cymbals and toms on rack / Need to fit it up for small gigs / I will use base drum mount for toms / Kit came with 10/12 / toms /16 on the floor /22base drum /Think of setting it up Ride 22 / 16 crash /14 hats newbeats /Maybe 2 crashes like my 14 fast crash /Tama Star classic Snare /Leave the double pedal home / I will miss my Tama Rack but I found some of my old light duty stands they should work . Thanks again . The last kit I asked about maybe should of got it went in fast . Thanks Pete


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