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Mar 4, 2010
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Interesting. By "flanges" does he mean one of the 4 holes in the RIMs mount? So what do you do, saw it off?

Fwiw, I bought a couple of Worldmax RSS mounts for my XP-8 12 and 13 and they're working great. Cheap, too!

Just getting into playing that kit more full time and it sounds really good. I could go for a little more attack from the 12, so a clear head or a coated ambassador X like what's on the 13 will do the trick. The 13 has plenty of attack.

Btw, check out this beauty. I wish it was available when I was on the hunt for an XP-8, although I love mine.
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If you look at the pics of the Gauger hardware, it appears that the flanges are separate pieces that must be removable. On the Gibraltar knock offs, I am pretty sure they are formed from part of the main piece. The Gauger products are the ultimate in design and materials. Not that the others won't work, but there is a difference.


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Feb 14, 2011
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I looked on before posting and couldn't tell if the flanges are removable. If so, that's different from my older style GPI RIMs and a good idea. I know that not all drums react to being RIMs mounted in the same way. Some actually LOSE resonance, but overall, most drums I've handled benefit from suspension mounts.

I'd have to say that the difference between my older RIMs mounts and the Worldmax ones I got is price... ONLY. The newer RIM design might be a different story, but I'm not about to spend $200 to find out, since what I did is working great.


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Aug 5, 2005
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I wrote to Gary today about my 13" not having quite as much sustain as the 12" . Here is the reply. Ace

Terry, (Rhythmace)

The mounts really look great on your Rogers drums. What's most important to me is the fact that they now SOUND equally as good as they look.
Here's some interesting information that's pertinent to your 13" drum......

Chris McHugh drummer for Keith Urban mentioned to me at the Nashville Drum Show in Sept. that his 13" didn't sustain as much as his 12". He uses all Craviotto drums which are excellent 1 piece, steam bent shells. The number of contact points from our suspension mounts on a drum can greatly affect the sustain so we only recommend using the minimal number of flanges on the smaller drums like 3 on 8" through 12" and only 4 on our larger 13" drums through 16".
I recommended to Keith that he remove one of the flanges on his 13" and go with only 3 flanges since 3 should be more than sufficient to support his drum. It solved the problem since I had an e-mail from Chris a few days after the show that said removing the extra flange made all the difference in the resonance and the 13" drum now matches the sustain of the 12". I would suggest that you try this if you want to experiment a little further. Make sure the flange you remove is on the high side of the tilted or angled drum.

We are now considering recommending and supplying only 3 flanges with the 13" RIMS® Alloy mount since the difference in sustain is quite obvious.

Let me know what you discover if you try it out....




Aug 10, 2005
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Flanges are the metal "clip" that slides on the hoop, with the logo facing out. The gommet sits on the inside of the flange and the tension rod goes through them both. The 13" RIMS mounts come with four flanges. Two little phillips screws tighten the flanges in place. On my 12" I have two flanges at the top of the hoop and one at the bottom end. I guess I need to change that. I will need to remove one from the 13" , second from the top also. They sound so good now, and it's not that easy aligning the flanges with the lug, I may wait until the mood hits me. LOL! Ace

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