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Aug 12, 2020
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Wood River, IL

As most of you remember, I have a lot of darkness and stuff hanging out upstairs. I am finally taking the shrink up on getting me out of work for awhile. I had straws 4,3,2, and 1 break the figurative camel’s back over the last two weeks. Work and relationship stuff. No- Mrs. Dumpy and I are hanging on for dear life. But a cyber friendship went super weird and my boss finally did my head in.

I am not permanently leaving this forum. But I am taking time away from the internet. This forum has been a great escape, but I haven’t done much of the main activity this forum was founded on. I can’t contribute much right now and my goal is to contribute applicable things. There is nothing like that. My wife’s illness and pain management issues have all but precluded drumming.

I have decided it is best for me to get out of the cyber world for a while and DO, rather than hot stove it. Maybe I will have something to talk about. My lyrical creativity has been VERY active, but this isn’t a lyricist forum.

Thanks to ALL who have been supportive. I am NOT logging off, but just not going to participate for awhile.

I am open to even having an actual conversation with many of you. PM me with your details if you wish.

@lossforgain or @fun2drum : please close this thread to replies. I wanted to let a few know where I have gone.
Not open for further replies.