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Sep 6, 2020
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Just purchased a new dw performance kit. Been looking at them for years and finally took the plunge. Living in AU we are limited to availability and cost is quite high. Needless to say I was very excited once they arrived.
For the past 25 or so years I have played my mid 60s Rogers kit, just love the sound and always get lots of positive comments. Last year I played a gig were the opening acts used my kit. As a result the kit drum hoop
was severely damaged. I then decided two things. One, never let anyone use my gear. Two, keep the kit safely
in the studio and get that dw kit.
Unboxing the new kit I was hit with one disappointment after another. build quality I thought average. The wrap
Is underwhelming somewhat bumpy, and the seams quite apparent. Not nearly as smooth and flat as the 50 year old Rogers. But ok I told myself it's just going to be a giging kit. Out of the box they didn't sound good at
disbite Mr Good claim that all kits are tuned, tested, and ready to play from the factory. No big deal to be expected. I consider myself pretty good at being able to get a full warm tone without those annoying over tones.
I started with the kick. Couldn't wait to get tha18x22 thumping. But nope flat and lifeless. The 14x22 Rogers blows it out of the water. So took the heads from the Rogers ( aquarian ) to see what that would do. Hepled a little. So ordered up aquarian heads top and bottom for the entire kit. After spending many hours replacing and meticulously tuning. The overall sound still just average. Very disappointed. Thinking I've been sucked into all the dw hype. What a waist of time and lots of money.
So to all you dw guys. Am I missing something or is that what you get with dw performance?
Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for reading
I’m a huge DW fan, but have never played or seen a performance in person. That is a total shame that you say the build quality is poop. Sure the Performance line is cheaper than the Collector’s, but that’s still an expensive maple kit. If there are bumps in the wrap, then it’s definitely not up to usual DW standards. Their wraps are usually pretty decent, even on their 90s kits.

Maybe you got a kit that didn’t get quality controlled correctly? Maybe return it for another of the same thing and see if there is a difference? I’m sorry idk what to tell you. That sucks... :(

Their customer service is great and Mr. Good does care about his product. Try writing them an honest email about your disappointment.


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Sep 15, 2010
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DW Performance kit owner here, for a year or so. No issues, they sound great. Good balance of attack and resonance. I've gotten good sounds with double-and single-ply heads on the toms and floor toms. Got a coated emperor on the bd right now, might go with Powerstroke when it's time to change. I'm really impressed with the build quality.