Official Review of my 14x6.5 Reference brass snare



Hello folks this is my Official review and thoughts on the Pearl Reference Series Brass Snare drum in 14x6.5.

I've owned the drum about 4weeks had a good bit of time to play it an put it through about 5 different tuning ranges. My favorite thus far was using a tune-bot tuner with settings of 260hrz top head an 400hrz bottom

The head combo I found that works for my needs was Evan's Coated Heavyweight on Top and Clear 300 Snare Side on Bottom. For Remo guys I'd say try Ambassadors or Controlled Sound/Ambassador bottom.

I also swapped the factory Pearl SN1420D wires for a set of brass Puresound Custom 30 wires which opened the drum up dramatically. The diecast hoops really help focus the highs an lows and just about any application you could think of this snare would be perfect for my recommendation genres Rock,Metal,Funk and Country. Not sure though about Jazz,Ragaee or Soul as not my styles of music and snare might be too overkill for that sound but experiment and see.

I'm going to be taking this snare to a buddy of mine and putting it up against his 3 very top shelf snare drums in a shoot out and when The Coronavirus lockdown is over.

He has a
14x6.5 Tama bell brass Starphonic
14x5.5 Ludwig Black Beauty
14x6.5 Mapex Black Panther Hammered

It will be pretty interesting to see the outcome and which he thinks sounds best blindfolded. And we'll use the same heads an tuning on all 4 drums stay tuned for sound clips.

My conclusion This snare an craftsmanship is just incredible.

The only few cons I have.

.Weighs 23lbs due the bridge lugs an diecast hoops which requires a hefty heavyduty snare stand

.scratches very easily an fingerprints

.Costs $1,247.00

Heres a picture of the snare

I would love to hear from anyone who owns one of these snares their take on it and any tuning ranges they think I should try.

Thanks guys,stay safe and healthy
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