Old Guy G.A.S. Rx - Abs Hybrid Maple


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Aug 6, 2005
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Calabash N.C.
Had a bit of a GI tract scare but looks like all is good. A bit of a wake up call on priorities. With that being said I also may self medicate once in a while. So taken together my immediate response is I need a new drum set! And I need to get it right now. As I said - priorities.

Something new - something like I've never had before - something brand new from a major player. I'm not a major buyer/seller at all - I've had Austin Fibes and C&C, still own a Corder set and Inde and had some nice Ludwig's in the 70's (if I can remember correctly). You see the trend line there.

Thinking about my mentor George Costanza - I started with the exact opposite - Yamaha. I do have a Steve Jordan snare I bought used that I'm using now and also picked up a recent mid line Pearl set. The Pearl build quality is insane for the money. But I didn't think Pearl - I went Yamaha - just feels right. I'm all in.

Yamaha has always confused me with their stuff - the different lines. I read the forum all the time and see the Yamaha posts but until you're serious about them you don't understand. I play blues, contemporary jazz, some straight ahead - I wanted a 20,12,14 - bass drum mount - preferably 14" deep. Went to Memphis Drum shop site first - picked my sizes and boom - there it was- exactly what I wanted. They are the Hybrid maples - I see their pitch on the Wenge and maple and it sounded good to me - so that was it. This all took about 10 minutes yesterday.

Immediately came here to start my research - looked on line and the Yamaha site and other reviews - and of course people are impressed. After investigating - "What's not to like?"

I'm looking forward to:
-small sizes with big sound - more headroom when I need it
-the hook lugs - new to me - but quick head changes for different styles sounds pretty nifty
-die cast hoops - new to me - aluminum no less
- of course - Yamaha quality and Memphis Drum Shop service (thanks Bill)
- MDS had them in stock in the color I wanted - piano black - (but of course). So I just pulled the trigger.

FYI- when I spoke to Bill I told him I was confused on the kick depth - Yamaha only showed 16 depths for the 20. He said the 14's were made just for them for this config - that's why the tom mount with it. So that's pretty cool too.

Thanks to all the posters on the forum for your help - I love this place and the folks on it.

I will report back with media asap.



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Jun 12, 2010
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Good for you, enjoy those tubs.

Good for MDS for getting Yamaha to be somewhat accommodating with sizing and pump out some 14" depth 20" bass drums. No doubt Yamaha is capable of making an outstanding drum, but their size options can be off-putting, particularly at that price range. At one time Yamaha would not make a 20" bass drum in a 14" depth (or a 15" floor tom) in their supposed hand-crafted flagship PHX line. I'd say MDS accomplished a minor miracle and I am glad you benefitted from it.


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Feb 3, 2012
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Congrats. Although I own and play several other brands (currently using a set of Tama Starclassic Bubingas), at heart, I’ve always been a Yamaholic. Incredible drums. I’d love to score a set of AHMs down the road.


Jan 31, 2011
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Congrats on a fine set o drums. I have multiple sets of drums from various brands including a live Custom set and Recording Custom.
I 100% enjoy all the kits BUT if I were going to the audition of my life......I would bring the Yamahas.


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Jan 22, 2017
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Los Angeles
I think my next Yamaha kit would be an AHM. Not in the market just yet, as I have too many kits in the pile, but if I can offload those that I'm not using much, I'll spend that money to buy—no, invest—in an AHM setup. I'll likely go 20x16 (would love a 20x14!), 13x9 and 16x16. Sparkle green is a nice finish.