Old K Zildjian Istanbuls and Old A Zildjian

kevin klever

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Jul 5, 2007
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Vancouver, BC
Some super nice bronze for sale here. Help me pay my studio rent in Brooklyn so I can keep practicing. All prices shipped in USA, actual shipping elsewhere. Paypal gift please!

1. 20" K Zildjian Istanbul New Stamp. Drilled for 7 rivets. Not 100% sure on the weight but it's right around 1740g (I weighed it before but don't have my scale with me now, maybe 20g give or take in either direction). This one has the most perfect, smoky, subtly tinny, complex Old K wash. Especially killer with rivets. Somebody's holy grail LSR. Good condition, with three small spider hairline cracks in the bell, unlikely to spread, and a very very subtle start of a keyhole, almost unnoticeable even up close. Some light surface scratches on the bottom, probably from rubbing up against a riveted cymbal coming out of the bag at some point in the past. Gorgeous dark chocolate patina, and great deep new stamp lathing. $1300 shipped.


2. 20" K Zildjian Istanbul Intermediate Stamp. 1850g. Drilled for 12 rivets. 3 installed right now and I think it's perfect. Nice Elviny vibe, great main or lsr. I bought this to go on the left of my Old Stamp K but now I'm broke so you should put it on the left of your K instead. Excellent condition. $1050 shipped.


Pics below
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Oct 25, 2005
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Some very nice sounding cymbals Bro. GLWS.