OT: Help me prep/pack for a nearly two-week vacation

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Feb 17, 2015
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The line about watching “Nanook” is just offensively ignorant.
It seems you know as much about classic films as you do about the properties of wool. Here’s what the Criterion Collection says about “Nanook”:
Flaherty’s classic film tells the story of Inuit hunter Nanook and his family as they struggle to survive in the harsh conditions of Canada’s Hudson Bay region. Enormously popular when released in 1922, Nanook of the North is a cinematic milestone that continues to enchant audiences.


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Dec 30, 2006
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Cotton sucks for traveling. You can get moisture-wicking stuff at Target really cheap.

And clearly some folks haven't actually tried merino wool for traveling or regular use. It IS quick drying and, unlike cotton, it keeps you comfortable whether you're wet or dry. After being introduced to smartwool socks when I was preparing to walk the Camino de Santiago, I have gone all-smartwool or merino for my feet and would never go back to cotton socks. The socks can be expensive but I'd rather have four pairs of smartwool socks than a big pile of cotton socks.

The old rag wool sweaters and socks are not what we're talking about.


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Aug 14, 2005
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Europe last summer, Germany, Austria, Italy, 2 weeks, comfy shoes, don’t overpack, you’ll come across a laundry mat. Call your bank and credit card to let them know you are traveling, this is a must!!! Check extended weather forecast a few days before you leave. Try some new food, wine and beer, keep an open mind, have fun!

Great advice on letting credit cards and your ATM provider know your plans.

We did 2 weeks in Europe - England and Ireland last Fall: 2 pairs of shoes (switch each day) 2 blue jeans and 1 black jeans for nicer restaurants, black t shirts (5) and 3 lightweight wool sweaters (blue, 2 black), 5 underwear and 5 pair socks. I could go almost a week w/o laundry and basically the same colors. Also a rain jacket that would also work if it got a little cold. Warm days I wore a t-shirt, but most days it was a sweater over the t-shirt.

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