OT-ish: There is hope for the future :)


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Aug 5, 2005
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There's always new kids carrying the torch forward. The direction they take isn't always clear to us, certainly often not where we were expecting...

I've had some up close and personal experiences the past couple of years that did nothing but bolster my confidence in this.

Most recent, the big band thing I'm working on right now. I haven't tried to put a large ensemble together in years and years - so of course, my search started with the folks in my "book" - folks I would've called years ago (decades ago??). And that was successful in a handful of cases - but many times, I ran into too busy, or more often, retired and not playing anymore - and once, "oh, I didn't know he'd passed away - my deepest condolences" Oops.

So that left... younger people... much younger people... and wow, it's been so great. The energy. The enthusiasm. The musical fire and chops and maturity and well... just great.

So that was cool - then there was the thing right before the pandemic hit. With my daughter-in-law conceived of doing a concert with the high school string orchestra she teaches/directs with a local band - that's released 3 or 4 CD's of original, roots/Americana rock type stuff.

So Jess asked me to partner with her in writing the string arrangements for all of the songs as well as for me to compose/create 4 or 5 orchestra introductions for some of the songs (so the orchestra would have moments to be featured as an orchestra - not just be string backing to a pop band.

So much youthful energy - and though a blend of young adults and literally kids - but of course they were all closer in age to each other - Jess, the band, the kids - than any of them were to me. So totally invigorating - totally inspiring. And leaving me with zero concerns for the future of music....

I can't remember if I've posted this before - but here is one of those pieces from that concert. And huge kudos to this band for 100% getting how soft - while still sounding big - they had to play in this small theater, while sharing a stage with a student orchestra (which is far less loud than a pro orchestra would be - which would still be pretty soft.) They demonstrated maturity like I sadly haven't always experienced on pro level stages. And the sound man from the local college was all of that in spades. The sonic issues with trying to do this was by far our largest concerns - and this crew of guys (only a few in their early 30's) just totally nailed - tp my total shock and relief.

Anyway - here's some more young musicians...