OT: Maude’s Walter, Bill Macy, has died at 97


That's Me, The Silent Son
Mar 16, 2018
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Kind of a fringe interest, but I’m a fan of 70s Norman Lear, especially this man’s show.

You could tell in interviews Bill Macy was a devilishly playful man, but he was also a very tender hearted man. While most of his obituaries are naming the episode of Maude dealing with Walter’s alcoholism, it calls to mind the interview I saw with Macy 40 years later where he openly wept at the memory of having to strike his friend Bea Arthur during that episode. I found a _part_ of that interview online.

Apparently, he’d been married 44 years. Not bad for a Hollywood marriage, and definitely not bad for a man who got married at 53. Great actor and a dear man.