OT - serious as a heart attack


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Aug 6, 2005
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I write this because, like me, there are a lot of us boomers on DFO and we’re getting of an age….

I spent part of last weekend in the hospital - had a tightness across my chest and pain across my shoulders that I’d never experienced before.

All negative. No heart attack. Stress test later this month. I feel great and it seems like a mirage.

The point of this is just ask you to GO even if you don’t know - which I didn’t.

I Googled the hell out of “heart attack” symptoms and while I felt stupid because I didn’t match all of them, I had enough and with my family profile, the ER doc said I had made the right decision.

My insurance deductible for the ER was enough to buy a used Craviotto snare, but that’s another issue. I’m happy I can write about this instead of being written about.

Go see your doctor.

Thank you.
Get better friend!!