Pair of 12" and 14" COB Sticksavers


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Sep 24, 2006
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Deltona, FL
12" pair is six-hole and 14" pair is eight hole (for toms - no snare gate). Also have a single-flange COB snare-side hoop with the Slingerland Radio King engraved on it. Looks original, but the size is closer to 14.5 or so,

Trade for Dream or Soultone ride or .... ? Open to cash offers too (although I prefer trades.)

EDIT: I also have a pair of 14" COB stickchoppers for a snare drum (10 holes) and a pair of 15" single flanged snare hoops that are either NOB or COB that I also may be willing to part with. I do not have the clips for that set, but they are readily available from most boutique drum parts dealers.
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