Paiste Stanople Cymbal


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Feb 5, 2012
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Just to be certain, I believe the cymbal you're referring to is a "Stanople", not a "Paiste Stanople.
Same name, different companies.
Since this is a 2012 resurrect and the OP hasn't been back since mid 2016, I'm not sure he will get your message. Note that I've added a lot of detail based on research I've done in the intervening years as regards the Italian history, and Tod Little is bringing us to the point where we have better quality evidence for updating the Paiste Stanople page in Cymbal Wiki. But in the meantime I realize that we're lacking the Paiste Stanople trademark examples in this thread so here they are. There may be others with slight variations I don't know about.




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Nov 17, 2016
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I have not seen any other variation of the Paiste Stanople logo. Best I can tell is that these were specifically made for sale through Ludwig and were available between 1966 through 1973/4. They do not appear in any of the Paiste catalog material I have... And my collection of Paiste catalog materials is probably one of the best outside of the company itself.

The Paiste timeline on NF Drums has the Paiste Stanople as a 1950s era cymbal - if that was true there should be a variant with the logo more similar to that of the Stambul and Zilko but none have surfaced.

The look of the cymbals and the available sizes and weights are almost exact to that of the Paiste Dixie line so i would not be surprised if that's actually what the Paiste Stanoples are... Dixies or a Dixie-like (maybe a little more cheaply, easier made) cymbal.

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