Paradiddle fill: inspiring 69-year old "new" drummer teaches her first lesson!

Feb 28, 2014
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Just a few years ago, Adele Koltun hadn't touched a drumstick. She hadn't even thought about playing drums. But hearing favorites songs on the radio, she began wishing that she could be drumming along with them.

A small voice in her head kept saying, "You're just way too old," suggesting that it was silly to consider pursuing something like that so late in life. Fortunately, her heart shouted back: "What have you got to lose? Go take a lesson!"

"I took a lesson and found out that, not only could I play the drums, I loved them. They completely changed my life. I found my passion and can't imagine not playing the drums."

Sharing a fun little paradiddle fill with you all, guest instructor Adele Koltun . . .

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