Pearl Masterworks 5 piece - SOLD


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Oct 2, 2016
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New York
$1750 plus shipping($150 East of the Mississippi and $200 west).
Cash, Venmo, or add 4% for PayPal. Thanks
Pearl MASTERWORKS 2009 Special order - orange sparkle lacquer !

My personal apartment practice kit here in NYC. It’s time to sell based on lack of practice space and everyone working from home. This is a 5 piece shell pack with matching serial numbers in excellent condition. NEW EVANS heads put on 2 weeks ago on top and bottom! Only the 10” has some stick marks. It’s never been gigged. It is a SPECIAL ORDER with custom ORANGE SPARKLE ( no wrap here!). Paint is in near mint condition minus a few small scratches and small markings on the 16”x20” bass drum(some SMALL blemishes that I’ve included in the pics). Toms are all blemish free as far as I can see. The brass has faded and shows some wear in some areas on the drums. Each hoop was ordered to deliver the sustain desired: triple flanged on the 10” and 14” toms(bottom hoop on the 14” I bought from drummaker.). The 12” tom has a Pearl Masterhoop on top with a Superhoop on the bottom. The 16” tom has Pearl Masterhoops.
Sizes: (depth)8”x (width) 10” ,
8”x12”, 10”x14”, 14”x16”. (10”,12”,14”,and 16” hanging toms).

*4 of my 5 drums here I have info on from Pearl:
2016B…four ply all maple w/ four ply rings (MMX)…standard 45 edges…should be CL250 lugs

1008T…four ply all Maple w/ two ply rings…standard 45 edges……should be CL100 lugs…OPT (this is the serial number below…010242)

1208T…four ply all Maple w/ four ply rings…standard 45 edges……CL100…OPT

1410T…four ply all Maple w/ four ply rings…standard 45 edges……CL100…OPT

Gold Hardware

Orange Sparkle finish

A new CHROME OptiMount on the 14” tom. A new Pearl tension rod in
New chrome key bolt on one of the 16” OptiMounts.
*** Local pickup preferred in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, NY. However , I will ship for $200 west of the Mississippi and $150 . Packing supplies and insurance included. Lower 48 US only please.
Drum bags NOT included ! IF YOU WANT DRUM BAGS (including a heavy duty PROTECTION RACKET bass case) , please add on $150. Thanks


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