Pearts many of us still hurting?


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Aug 6, 2008
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He had his own visions and ideas and celebrated his right to pursue them , shouldering the responsibility and rising above and beyond collective mediocrity. His accomplishment, his achievement ,nobody else's.

Whether I preferred his drumming style to others is inconsequential , but I had the duty to get out of his way by not slandering or impeding his journey .

Who am I to say he died too young ? Only he can answer that question .
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dale w miller

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Jul 25, 2016
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it’s like losing someone we really admired for their integrity and being a gentleman

I never read anything who ever had a bad thing to say about him

so rare in a celebrity
Particularly one who never wanted the limelight
Admired indeed, but that’s not all of it. What I feel gone is positive memories I had with friends listening enjoying and debating Neil.

For someone who came from a new wave/punk rock background, it was very hard to stand up for what I like when you have 8 megafans including 2-3 clones against you. I was open minded hence why I could enjoy elements of Neil & Rush, but I found my drummer & many other musician friends outside 2 that were extremely hard to crack to appreciate what I liked.

It was a very difficult uphill journey when you’re judge whether you’re good or not by if you could play Tom Sawyer note for note. And how-dare-you if you didn’t know that the sixteenth notes on the hi-hat was done with one hand and you attempted it with two. Wow, did you ever suck.

Sadly, it wasn’t until Neil’s production of Burning for Buddy where Neil himself saw a weakness in his playing that their minds started to break.


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Jun 7, 2012
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I’ll start by saying I was never a fan of Rush, and although I had respect for his drumming I never got the drum god thing. But, after reading so much about him this past week I have a newfound interest and new level of respect for him!
He was an awesome human being!
This is where I fall. I liked Rush tunes and have seen them a few times but wasn't a rabid Rush fan like many. I djd, however,respect Neil Peart as a musician and a human being that dealt with more than his share of tragedy and did it with more poise than I think I would have. I didnt think it would affect me Much when I heard but things still seem off for lack of a better term. It's sad the world lost a good guy and music lost a great.