Peter Erskine and Diana Krall


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Aug 5, 2005
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I picked up a live Diana Krall DVD from the Montreal Jazz Festival. I listened to it because Peter Erskine played for her during the concert

I had heard of Diana Krall, but never heard anything by her.

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised when I heard her. I really like her style and the fact that she plays jazz rather well.

Oh yeah, Peter sounded good too. As always.

Anyone else a Diana Krall fan?
My dad saw her play in a club back when she was first starting out.
He said she was pretty good then, too.
I like her earlier stuff (Only Trust Your Heart, This One's For You) but she stays pretty steady across all of her albums.
The Montreal concert is pretty good, as are the one's from Rio and Paris, too.
If you want a rare one, she put out a 4 song Christmas album back in the late 90's.
I've got a copy and its pretty hip stuff (still have the calendar that came with it, too).
I have some stuff I taped off the TV back in the 90's (BET before their Jazz channel spin off).
....and a quick search of youtube turns up one of them! (I really wish she'd release that version of Day by Day on an album!).....

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Jul 16, 2011
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Kanye West has won a lot of awards too. Doesn't mean I want to listen to him.
Nothing personal. Just dont dig her.
If you had simply said that you don't dig her in your original post, I wouldn't have posted all the awards that she has won. That would have been fine. But you didn't, hence I provided you with the awards that she's achieved over the years.