Phantom Acrylic Drums


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Aug 30, 2018
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Tucson, AZ
When I was a freshman in college, back in '69, a band played for a dance in the student union. The drummer had an unusual 4-piece kit. It was made of clear, acrylic shells. The bass drum was 16" in diameter and at least 18" in depth. The lugs were the round Camco turret-style. The drummer told me they were Phantoms, made in Kansas City. Their sound really didn't impress me, as they sounded mushy and didn't cut through the amplifiers. Maybe the clear heads had something to do with that. It was the only set like that I had ever seen. A couple years later, Slingerland used the Phantom name for their own acrylic kit. Have any of you seen one of these Phantoms or played one? I'd like to see some info and maybe a picture. Thanks!