Philly Joe Jones Cymbal Setup with Miles


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Jul 10, 2020
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In this video of the Leon and Paul show ;-) there are captions which suggest the the 16" A Zildjian & Cie Vintage crash was cloned from a 1930s cymbal.

time code 5:02 we have

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 1.54.56 PM.png

but that's not the ride, it's the 16" crash.

And a little later at 4:38 we have

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 2.01.32 PM.png

but no mention of this being the template for the ride in any particular series. Much later on we get

20:02 20" Cie Ride (as in A Zildjian & Cie Vintage line started in 2000 but wrong title still saying "working with Artists")
20:24 14" Cie Crash tuner (recreation of 30s through 40s style cymbals)
20:36 16" Cie Crash tuner (recreation of 30s through 40s style cymbals)

So now the decade bracket is wider and I'd find 40s more likely. This is typical for what I find in reading through lots of material. There are threads to follow but the details aren't perfectly consistent. There are also typos in some of the titles like talking about the Z Zildjian & Co.

I also found my time codes and comments for a deleted video. Alas I didn't save a copy of the video to my disk. What I've got says

26:20 working with Armand and Leon
27:30 Armand predicting sound from cup, curvature, stiffness
29:00 recreating 1930s thin stiff cymbals project (diff project from K Con) A & Cie Vintage?
30:30 Q: "Armand, out of 100 cymbals back then how many came out like this one?" A: "maybe 20"

That was one mention of reducing variability to have higher levels of acceptable sound, but since the source is gone I can't follow it up, and I can't even say what year the interview was from. This does have the mention of 1930s again, which really would be Pre Trans from what we know of years.
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