Photos disappearing from thread


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Aug 22, 2014
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Last night I accessed a thread I had started so that I could review some information, but when I viewed the content nearly all of the pictures that were posted in the thread - both by me and by others - were not visible. When I clicked on the boxes where the photos should be I received a message that the given image was not available. Here is the thread in question:

- I tried this with two browsers, but the issue was the same.

- I tried this with ad blockers on and off with the same result.

- Some photos are not showing since they were originally hosted by Photo Bucket, but that doesn't apply to the vast majority of the photos that were posted to the thread (including mine in the OP).

- The really strange thing is that I can see photos in post #39 of the thread, but none of the others (which contain photos posted previously by the same person who posted in #39)!?!?

I'm wondering if this is an issue more people are having, what might account for it, and if there are remedies for it. It is ironic that I found the issue while reviewing this particular thread, since I had created the OP in order to document some information that could be accessed in the future!

Thanks for any insights and advice.


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Aug 25, 2009
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I've been noticing the same thing. Not sure if it's a website issue or if pictures from older threads are removed to save space. Maybe a moderator has the answer to this.