Played a New Year's Eve incidental gig...


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May 29, 2019
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Cohoes, NY
...somewhere in Albany NY, inside a small venue.
Less than 20 people there, everyone wore masks and
maintained social distance.
Two performers did their thing: a folk singer opened,
and my band filled the night. Due to curfew, we ended
the show before 10pm with our own "ball drop", lol.

All the gear were sanitized before the show, and in between
the performers' sets.
Since the audience stood back at the bar the band felt
safe on stage. But during the times that WE sat at the bar
dining and drinking, we wore our masks.

We had a safe distance of 30ft between the band on stage
and the audience at the bar; no one approached the stage
nor stood nearby, nor even danced while we played.
So it was all safe and good.

We performed 13 songs, but I'll just post a few of
my favorite highlights here...

It felt so good to play a gig during this depressing pandemic.
We still don't feel safe to resume live packed-house gigs yet.
Venues in our region (NY) are ordered not to advertise events,
and any music performances must be 'incidental' to the venue's
dining/drinking hospitality service...
...we're basically just "background" entertainment for as long
as the pandemic lock-downs and restrictions are in place.

I send private invitations, but I don't expect anyone to show up;
and I understand their concerns about going out to see any shows,
even a small incidental show, at this time.

I often see many of my band friends complain on Facebook about
how much they miss playing shows, and how the inactivity is making
them feel frustrated and "out of practice". I feel for them.
But this pandemic should be no excuse to sit at home doing Nothing.
Even a live streamed band rehearsal via smartphone to Facebook
will help a band maintain their fan base during this pandemic.
As a fan and follower I would be happy to know that my favorite
bands are keeping themselves busy, and keeping me informed
of their updates and plans for the months ahead.

I personally believe there are ways to work AROUND this pandemic
while doing things the right way and SAFELY so that a band can
still promote their music and get it out to the local music industry.
Just be Safe, be creative, be smart, and use whatever resources you have
to keep your fans and followers informed and updated.

Our local show promoter has been very strict in compliance and
observance of the COVID Safety protocols, and so my band is
in good hands with him.
If we don't feel safe about organizing or playing an event of any type
during this time we would never do so.