PM-10 Is A Good Solid State Guitar Amp


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Nov 22, 2016
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It's been some time since I've last used my PM-10 amp with drums (since I now practise with headphones and gig with acoustic drums). After listening how Robert Fripp used/uses his solid state amps to get those clear, neon-like, new-wave tones in Three Of A Perfect Pair etc., I decided to give my PM-10 a try as a guitar amp.
The result is satisfactory to say the least. A clear, well-rounded, transparent tone (that draws out a lot of jazziness from my Tele), immediate, responsive feel, and plays well with fuzz pedals (Catalinbread Merkin and Boss FZ-5, will try other kinds of pedals soon). What strikes me most is that it's practically free from any noise (pink noise type or 50/60/whatever-cycle hum). Since it's designed for line level inputs rather than instrument level, the sound level can be low for a 30-watt box. A transparent preamp in front (actually a Mooer micro preamp in the +20dB mode)addressed this issue.
Overall, I'd say this amp is better than many of the cheaper valve amp offerings (say Peavey NanoValve) for guitar use, especially with a preamp. Enjoy!